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Discontiued Products

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BM-A280 Hi-Power Mixing Amplifer System with Bluetooth (250Wx2)

Best media A-280 Hi-Power Amplifier is an advance Karaoke Amplifier that gives you more co..


BM-Q803 8" 3-Way 4-Driver PRO Speaker System (250W)

Best Media Q-803 3-way Professional Speaker System is an excellent choice for Pr..


VocoPro SV-502 250W 10” 2-Way Vocal Speaker (each)

We asked our customers for feedback on the shortcomings of the hardware industry, we were told that ..


VocoPro DA-X10 Pro 3 Mic World’s First Karaoke Mixer with Vocal Enhancer

Vocal expression is essential to any great vocal performance. With it, singers can make you "feel" w..


VocoPro KC-300 PRO Studio Quality DSP Digital Key Controller/Sonic Enhancer

The KC-300 Pro's Sonic Enhancer will dramatically improve the sound quality of your vocal system, al..


BM-100VB VHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

Best Media VHF BM-100V dual-Channel Wireless System provides you with proven performance and durabil..


DTech VHF-200 VHF Wireless Microphone

Professional wireless microphone with wireless patented audio reference companding for crystal-clear..


VocoPro UHF-5800 Professional 4-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System With Case

Experience ultimate freedom with the UHF-5800, VocoPro's first 4-channel UHF wireless mic system. Wi..


VocoPro Digital-1 Single Digital Wireless Microphone With MIC-ON-CHIP Technology

VocoPro is introducing the Digital-1, a fully digital wireless microphone system. With all the compa..


NuVoice UL-580 4 Channel Wireless Lavalier System

Experience the ultimate freedom of going hands-free with the UL-580 four-channel UHF wireless headse..


Package 02 BM-4000 Chinese KTV Player with Microphone (6TB)

Package 02 - BM-4000 Chinese BundleBundle Package includes:  ( 2HDD Version)1 x BM-4000 Ch..


Package 03 BM-4000 Vietnamese KTV Player With Microphone (4TB)

Package 03 - Special BM-4000 Vietnamese BundleBundle Package includes:  ( Viet version)1 x..