What is Karaoke?

Karaoke comes from the Japanese for  empty orchestra. Karaoke allows you to deliver your vocal mix with the music background.

You would be able to switch between vocal and non-vocal (music only). It is a great music entertainment for you to practice singing and relax or release stress.

What is Vocal/Non-vocal function for?

Vocal is music and original singer's voice. Non-vocal (Music) is background music only. Having this function will give singers to choose either singing with instrumental music only or with a singer's voice. It is very helpful for beginners or anyone who would like to learn new songs.

What is CDG?

 CD+G (Compact Disc + Graphics) is different from a regular CD because it contains standard audio tracks that have graphics.  However, CD+Gs do not have video running in the background when the song is playing. It only shows the lyrics on screen with a solid color background.

BM-2000 machine: We use "random background" (such as scene of nature/ animals/ ocean). Customer can switch to different scenary by press "Background" button on Remote Control. 

BM-3000 & BM-4000: These players don't support CD+G files unless the file is already compressed into a music video file (such as vob., mpeg, wmv)

What is the difference of Amplifier and Mixing Amplifier?

- Instead of delivering sound directly to TV's speaker, amplifier is used to transfer sounds to speakers. Amplifier can gives power and better sound quality than using TV's speakers. We always suggest our customer to use a pair of home entertainment speakers instead of singing directly to TV. First, your outcome voice won't be delayed much comparing to directly connecting to TV and you can protect the speakers on your television.

- Mixing amplifier is a combination of mixer and amplifier.  It can also deliver the depth and dynamic of your voice to the system, so you can have nearly full control of your outcome voice.  Features includes control echo, key, lower sound feedback for each individual microphone input. Same functions as amplifier, you can control the volume of the music, and give the bass more power if you have a good pair of speakers.

What is Mixer?

- Mixer is used to control your microphone outcome sounds. There are echo, delay, tremble, base, key control on the mixer for you to manually adjust according to your needs.

For more details about mixer/mixing amplifier: please see Section 02 - Advance Home Entertainment Set up 

Why there is No sound from Mic when using HDMI?

Please note that the HDMI video and audio´s content are digital, while audio information (L/R) of AV component are analog. The audio from your microphone is also analog and therefore it cannot transfer the sound from microphone to the HDMI output. (refer to table below)


audio´s content




Cannot transfer sound through HDMI

AV Component


analog, able to transfer sound

Please note that most of Karaoke Player´s HDMI in the market are the same.  The purpose of HDMI is to provide better video quality, and sound because it is made for home theater, unfortunately it is not specified for singing/karaoke. Therefore, we suggest customer to use AV in order for microphone successfully transfer your voice into the system. Thank You.

Other option: To enjoy HDMI High Definition video quality, you may consider of getting an Amplifier/Mixing Amplifier.

Having an Amplifier and Speaker system will also protect your TV´s speakers. Amplifier / Mixer are professional made for controlling the volume of Music as well as your sound (from Microphone). These devices can balance your sound before deliver your sound to the speakers. In contrast, when your sound is directly transfer from Microphone to TV´s Speakers, if the sound is too loud, your TV's speakers may be damaged

Can I delete songs that are already loaded in the Hard Drive unit?

Yes, you may delete ANY song that is loaded in BM-3000 or BM-4000 by yourself. Any removal of the music will be permanent.

Note: BM-1000 & BM-2000 don't have the function of deleting its loaded songs.

Can I connect the hard dive directly with a PC?

Every hard drive is pre-formatted before we store it in the unit. Therefore, it is not recommended for users to hook up the hard drives directly with a PC. It can damage the pre-loaded software.

Can I just purchase a blank hard drive and put it in the unit?

Sorry, every hard drive is pre-formatted before installing it into the unit. If you are interested in getting a Second hard drive, please contact your nearest dealer or us directly. 

Other option: you can purchase your own hard drive and bring it to our office for Formatting service (Fee applied). However, we do not offer warranty for that hard drive because it is not purchased from us.

What happens if the unit cannot read the hard drive?

To protect your warranty, please do not unscrew and open the machine. Please contact customer support at 909-348-5558 or info@bestmediausa.com. Thank you.

Which model Best Media  carried and discontinued?

Our latest product is BM-4000. We still provide repair service for BM-1000, BM-2000 and BM-3000.

Other Discontinued model: We only carried U-Best DA-168, U-Best DA-268, U-Best DA-368. However, we only have limited parts for repair these models. Please contact us for more details.    Note: we do not carry other U-Best Model other than DA-168, DA-268 and DA-368.

Where can I find User's Manual for Discontinued Machine?

For current model (BM-4000):   Home > Service > under "Machine Support" > click on "BM-4000 Support"

For Discontinued model:  

Home > Service > New Song List > Select machine model > Download Manual       or    

Home > Service > Under "Machine Support" > choose machine model > Download Manual

Why does remote control not respond to BM-2000?

First, press any button on the remote, and check if the red light on the remote is flashing. If no flashing, please change new batteries and try again. The remote control may run out the battery. If it is still flashing but no respond with BM-2000, it is possible the the remote is broken. Please contact us at (909)348-5558, or email us at info@bestmediausa.com.