Download APP

Please download app according to your machine and device.

BM-5000 uses Web App

- Please download any QR Code scanner apps on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

- Connect to same internet network

- Open the app and scan QR code on the top right corner of TV.

**Any QR scanner/reader should work fine with this model


Due to Apple new update, Best Media app will not be found in iTunes.

**BM-4000 Vietnamese users:  Please keep your BestMedia app (Red) because this version works best for Vietnamese version.

Please use Smart KOD app (Green) to control your BM-4000 machine

- If you still have the 'Best Media' app version, please keep it, because its features are fully developed.

-Smart KOD - the interface is similar. All functions in Smart KOD should be working fine now. If you still find any bugs, please let us know. Thanks

BM-4000 Best Media APP (2020)


     iPHONE / iPAD App 
    App: Smart KOD



The below BM-4000 app (Red) version cannot be found on apple iTunes due to apple new updates.

If you have downloaded this app already, it still works in your current devices.

**BM-4000 Vietnamese users: keep this version because it works best for Vietnamese system.

The features on this app are fully developed for BM-4000

BM-4000 Best Media APP

     iPHONE / iPAD App 
     ----- Best Media

----> Instruction: "How to Connect App" - English

-----> Instruction: "How to Connect App" - Vietnamese

------>  Instruction: "How to Connect App" - Chinese

BM-3000 Chinese


 ANDROID APP     (ZIP file)

     iPAD APP


   ---> Instruction "How to install and connect APP"

**IOS users: Please do not upgrade to IOS 11, because KOD App does not support IOS 11. We apologize for the inconvenience, by the mean time, there is no alternate solution for this problem yet.

使用 IPAD  顧客:請別升級到IOS11  因為 KOD 不支持這個新的版本。真的很抱歉,目前我們沒有其他辦法

BM-3000 Vietnamese


      iPAD APP  --- KraOKShow

      iPhone APP  ----  KraOK

----->  Instruction: "How to connect to iPad/iPhone"