Chinese KTV Player

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Best Media BM-5000 KTV Player

BM-5000 Smart Karaoke System comes with built in 8.0 TB hard drive with more than 10,000 songs avail..


[USED] BM-4000 Chinese KTV Player (6TB)

Best Media BM-4000 - Chinese 6TBBM-4000 is finally released to the market with the extreme larg..


[USED] BM-3000 Chinese KTV Player (6TB)

Best Media BM-3000 is finally released to the market with the extreme large storage of serving up to..


Cloud Download Subscription (1 Year)

Cloud Download Subscription (1 Year)Now, you can download songs from our Cloud server directly from ..


Full Set KTV System with BM-5000, 22" Monitor, A250 Pro, Q801, UHF3200

Full Set Bundle Package included:BM-5000 HDD KTV PlayerBM 22-Inch Touch Screen MonitorBM-A250 Pro Ka..


Best Media BM-5000 Karaoke Player with 22-Inch Touch Screen Monitor

Package Includes:Best Media BM-5000 HDD Karaoke PlayerBest Media 22-Inch Touch Screen Monitor***Free..