Digital Mixers

Digital Mixers

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VocoPro DA-1000Pro Professional 3 Mic Digital Echo Mixer

The DA-1000 Pro is the newest member to our line of professional vocal mixers. Like its big brother ..


VocoPro DA-1055 Pro Professional 6 MIC. Digital Echo Mixer/Parametric Equalizer

The DA-1055 PRO has the latest features that both the professional and the home enthusiast demands. ..


VocoPro DA-2200 Pro 6 Mic Professional Digital Key Control/Digital Echo Mixer

Hook this professional digital vocal mixer up to your existing DVD, CD+G, LaserDisc or CD player and..


VocoPro SmartTV-Oke Karaoke Mixer with Digital Input and Wireless Microphones

If you own a smart TV, it likely has karaoke capability. It could be a dedicated karaoke app like Ka..