Best Media BM-5000 KTV Player

New Best Media BM-5000 KTV Player

BM-5000 Smart Karaoke System comes with built in 8.0 TB hard drive with more than 10,000 songs available in the local drive. This new system contains songs in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean and other languages.  Our built-in hard drive has variety types of songs: from classic popular, country, dance, song contest, to latest hot new songs. More songs can be found or requested from our Cloud server.


With BM-5000, you can access to our full Cloud library from the Touch Monitor, and with a single tap, you can download that song from the Cloud. Not only you can play or record songs from your USB drive to KTV system, you can also record your voice and music into your USB drive via Touch Monitor.


**2020 latest KTV players BM-5000 comes with special features: Smart Youtube, which automatically convert any songs from Youtube becomes Karaoke version. Yes, no more waiting, with a button on the remote, you are able to toggle between vocal and nonvocal version and start to sing right away.


Free 1 Year Cloud download (please register within 30 days of purchase)